TRAX – New Features

TRAX – New Features

Trax now has the facility to select revenue and/or expense transactions to be printed.

The screen to upload budgets is changed to allow bulk loading of budget files.

Updated Trax instructions will be on the TSO website members page shortly.

Reminder: When a Xero GL code name or Xero tracking name is changed, the tracking budget must be re-uploaded into Trax.  

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Results of 2017 School Audits

2017 School Audits

The OAG have recently released the results of the 2017 school audits. The results show positive developments in the school audit area since the previous report and highlights the improvements of school financial management practices. Further details in the report show that it’s important to keep reporting to a timely fashion and it outlines that some school’s have not met their accountability requirements, reporting responsibilities and have not planned properly for maintenance of school buildings.

Read the full report on their website by following this link.

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