The School Office (TSO) Limited

The School Office® was founded in 2013 by Glenis Te Tamaki. She has had an association with the education sector since 1985. Glenis has a spent over 30 years involved in the school community including; working as a volunteer teacher aide for ESOL students, involvement in school committees, Board of Trustees (Primary & Secondary) at the same time working as an accounts administrator for a High School Board. In 1989 she became a Financial Service Provider for schools. As a Director and part owner of an Education Administration Software Company, Glenis was working daily with schools, nationally and internationally, whose student numbers ranged from 10 to 2500.

Only those who work in schools know the uniqueness of the school environment.

A school has no equivalent model in the corporate or business world. Herein lines one problem identified by The School Office. How to introduce a new employee from the corporate world into a school. These people come with great expertise but sadly, in some instances, no induction programme is available before they are “thrown into the fire”. Comments such as “This isn’t the job I applied for”; “I am a glorified data entry clerk” are not uncommon to hear.

Three decades of experience reinforces no two schools are the same.

That is why The School Office provides individual solutions for each situation; for each school. We do this by getting to know you and listening to your needs. Sometimes the solution is a simple as developing or changing a process, using The School Office as a sounding board or more complex issues such as overall administration reviews, guiding a new Executive Officer through their first few weeks.

At The School Office we are passionate and interested.

We enjoy helping solve an issue with common-sense solutions using our combined knowledge and seeking additional knowledge for you as required.

Our reward

The overarching reward for us is to have made a positive difference that puts a smile on your face (and in your voice) and helps you enjoy your work.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

The School Office® is here to help you and your school to achieve its primary function of educating and equipping our youngsters for the future.

Services and resources to assist, guide and support school management in the practical operation of schools are continually being developed and updated. We use our two decades of experience and knowledge to provide a “One Stop Office”.

Only those working in schools know how unique the environment is; between schools and other business and organisations. That is why we adapt to each situation by getting to know you and listening to your needs. The ultimate reward for us is to know we have made a positive difference which puts a smile on your face (and in your voice).