Overseas Trips

Overseas Trips

When schools plan an overseas trip there may be additional information required for the financial statements. In this blog post we outline a few key points to keep in mind when planning trips.

The board must approve any overseas trips that are planned by the school. An overseas trip can be funded through Crown funding or locally raised funds (i.e. through fundraising or parental contributions).

A board may use Crown funding (as opposed to locally raised funds) for overseas travel if they can demonstrate that the two main conditions have been met:
* the overseas travel supports student achievement
* they have considered the proposed spending against competing priorities

Before approving any travel, the board must complete the Funding Overseas Travel Using Crown Funding Checklist, refer to Appendix C in the FISH.

The board must keep the signed and completed checklist, along with the board minutes of each decision and make these available for audit purposes. All expenditure should be accounted for and receipts
returned following the trip.

Examples of overseas travel that may further student achievement include but are not limited to: visiting the site of a significant cultural event (e.g. a battle where the school community had significant casualties), senior Māori groups visiting Pacific Islands where ancestral stories originate (e.g. Tahiti), or language students visiting a country where the language of study is primarily spoken.

If the travel is significant to your expenditure for the year it will need to be separately disclosed in the annual financial statements.

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