The School Office is pleased to announce our new App, trax™ for Xero tracking reporting is now available!

trax reporting for schools

We have developed trax™ specifically for schools to report tracking categories against budget for budget holders.

While Xero prints one tracking report at a time, trax™ produces the required reports in one selection to print or email.

trax™ will save you time by emailing or printing 30-40 reports in selection process.

trax™ was developed for our clients.  However, it is also available to non-clients.

In summary, trax™ App connects Xero tracking categories to:
  • Email multiple tracking reports – in PDF
  • Print multiple tracking reports – in PDF or Excel
  • print transactions (optional)


Please email us at for further information or assistance using the App.

The School Office provides financial advice and accounting to schools. Our expertise, knowledge and experience allow us to help schools with financial compliance.

Talk to or email the TSO Team

07 533 4182

trax Xero tracking reporting

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