Treatment of Board Contributions MOE Capital Works

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Treatment of Board Contributions MOE Capital Works

A funding contribution can range from a school board contributing a small sum to a ministry-funded capital works project to expand or enhance on ministry design specification, through to ‘shared ownership’ capital works projects where the school board, in conjunction with the ministry, contributes to a large school property development.

Funding contributions may be one of two types:
* “Donation” – a contribution towards an upgrade of a ministry-owned and maintained asset.
* “Investment” – a contribution towards the creation of a new asset or enhancement of an existing asset owned and maintained by the school board or owned and maintained partly by the ministry and partly the school board.

Where the capital works project is run by the ministry, and the school board has agreed to the contribution for specific enhancements or developments, then the school board will receive a GST-inclusive invoice for its contribution.

Where the school runs the capital works project, then school must declare what it spent on the project at its conclusion to the ministry.

Where the contribution is a “Donation” then the invoice must be treated as a distribution to the Crown through the Statement of Changes in Net Assets/Equity. GST on the invoice must be accounted for accordingly.
Where the contribution is an “Investment” then the expenditure must be capitalised in the school’s fixed asset register as well as GST being accounted for accordingly.

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